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ACO Gerber Badan & Associé - Ursula Gerber Badan & Michel Badan

Portrait succinct ACO Gerber Badan & Associé (French, PDF, 122 Ko)

Coachissimo - Catherine Schnydrig-Loth

Biographie Catherine Schnydrig-Loth (French, PDF, 41 Ko)

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Exigence - Patrick Weinmann

Exigence - Présentation (French, PDF, 40 Ko)

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Web site:


Dépliant H2O/Velcom (French, PDF, 556 Ko)

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Italian Switzerland Italian Switzerland

Opalia - Angelique Miralles

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Reality Explorer

Human management software

Reality Explorer - Human management software

A powerful and user-friendly software for the management of your human resources, developed by H2O