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Vision, mission and strategy Vision, mission and strategy

All the functions in the company are linked to the vision and the objectives and are part of the human resources strategy

We bring our support in the definition of:

  • the vision, mission and strategy
  • the organizational chart
  • the functions
  • the tasks, competencies and knowledge
  • the organization's culture and its values

MBO - Management by Objectives MBO - Management by Objectives

The Management by Objectives is a management philosophy based on quantifiable personal and professional objectives

The MBO limits the frustration feelings, due to lack of recognition, thanks to the definition of deliberately chosen objectives.

It gives a detail picture of the right human performance for the company.

We step in companies to bring our support in the drawing-up of the MBO.

Team Building Team Building

The team building creates or reinforces the team spirit

Conflicts tend to reduce the efficiency of a group.

The Team Building creates a strong and positive base and increases the team’s homogeneity. It establishes a new and more creative dynamic in relationships, by transforming individual difference into complementary synergies.

We organize group workshops tailored to your needs.

Assessment Center and Profiling Assessment Center and Profiling

Identify, evaluate, integrate and develop your star employees, actors of your success

We offer a combination of tests and exercises that enables to observe objectively professional behaviors.

Our assessment center determines the way a candidate organizes him/herself, handles information or manages his/her relationships with the environment.

Profiling: behavioral process types used in specific situations.

Reduces the failure risk during a recruitment process or a promotion.

Powerful tool to understand and adapt to the attitudes of a candidate or an employee placed in different situations.

We establish a behavioral and motivational profile and, during the debriefing, we give a detailed report. We can also executives to recognize what motivates their employees.

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Definition of the competencies Definition of the competencies

It’s a know-how, a "know-being and a "know-becoming" which is beyond the trade-activity of the function

We recognize 3 competency groups:

  • Technical competencies
  • Human competencies
  • Visionary and strategic competencies

We help individuals and teams to determine the necessary competencies for the different functions in the organization.

We can provide competencies lists created by professional organizations.

This paragraph contains document(s) to download Recruitment counseling Recruitment counseling

We elaborate the assessment process for a recruitment campaign for either fix or temporary jobs

  • Definition of the job description
  • Development and creation of the job advertisement
  • Reference check
  • Assessment: identify, evaluate and integrate the best actors to your success

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SHL - Partenaire

Reference Tools

Neuro Linguistic Programmation (NLP)Words that Change MindsSituational Leadership

Reality Explorer

Human management software

Reality Explorer - Human management software

A powerful and user-friendly software for the management of your human resources, developed by H2O