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Development plan Development plan

A development plan, whether on a professional or personal level improves each employee’s efficiency

The development plan contains several HR actions: definition of objectives, trainings, coaching, training courses, assessments, etc. It is the central part for the ROI calculation of an individual or a group.

For a development plan to be efficient, the person must:

  1. Know what is happening
  2. Accept the result
  3. Act accordingly
  4. Create an action plan

Personal development tools
The OPQ32 assessment test, the appraisals and the 360° give precise indications on the potential, the capability of the candidate, the employee or the manager to adapt to new situations or on how they can handle stress.

They can be used during recruitment, for career management or when a company wishes to pursue a development policy of its human resources.

Mentoring Mentoring

The mentor is an experimented guide who transmits his managerial work knowledge

This on the job teaching guaranties an integration of the know-how and the know-being of the manager.

The mentor:

  • Reduces management errors and awakes the hidden talents of your emerging star employees
  • Improves the profitability and the cohesion of the team

Coaching Coaching

Through the support of the candidates we reach efficiency and success


  • Time or financial commitments are important during the recruitment
  • Each individual has his own personality and his own management style

We step in for:

  1. Coaching for executives and managers
  2. Coaching geared towards efficiency
  3. Behavioral coaching
  4. Coaching geared towards the vision and the strategy
  5. Leadership development coaching
  6. Team coaching
  7. Conflict management

360° Feedback 360° Feedback

The 360° feedback brings forward the difference between what the individual thinks he portrays and what the others are perceiving

It is a fantastic tool to create personal and team objectives.

  1. It enables employees and clients to speak openly
  2. It prevents the development of clans and reveals the hidden dissatisfactions

We bring our support in the appraisals definition and development. We establish reports and elaborate a development plan according to the personal objectives of the employee.

Monitoring Monitoring

Individual follow-up in the achievement of the objectives

Limits the tendency to only perform the most pleasant tasks.

The external monitoring maintains the balance in the reporting lines.

The internal monitoring increases the involvement and the awareness of the work achieved by ones colleagues.

Appraisal Appraisal

We bring our support in the definition and the development of the appraisals


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